Genesis 13

Genesis 13

Abram, his wife, his livestock, his servants (slaves) and his gold all left Egypt and backtracked to the place where Abram built his altar. His nephew, Lot, had not simply been slouching about this whole time and had gathered up his own flock and servants (slaves) and various hangers-on. Between the two men there seems to have been a lot of people involved.  Enough so that quarrels and such began.

Abram does something smart and suggests that the two groups split.  He says there is plenty of land so that Lot can go one way and Abram will go the other. There seems to be a tiny issue with people still living on the land, but when you have the creator of the world on your side, these things can seem trivial.

Lot heads down to Jordan.  Abram sticks to Canaan.  In Jordan is also Sodom. There is some not-so-subtle foreshadowing about the Lord wiping it out, so I presume Lot doesn’t know that he’s walking his people into a shitstorm. Life can be unfair, I suppose.

The Lord promises all the land Abram can see to him and promises that Abram’s offpring will be like the dust (a LOT of dust). Abram builds another altar.  The Lord likes altars, I guess.

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