Exodus 14

Exodus 14


As the Israelites are fleeing Egypt, God has Moses sent to a specific place to camp to provide trap the Egyptians. Beyond that even hardens the Pharaoh’s heart again. The Pharaoh, under control, takes hundreds of chariots into the desert to pursue the Israelites that appear to be trapped at the shoreline.

Again, the people start to freak out blaming Moses for bringing them to ruin. Yet the angel of God and the pillar of cloud both stood between the marching army and the Israelites. God tells Moses that his will use the destruction of the Egyptians to being himselfs more glory. Moses raises his staff and the waters are driven back, providing dry land for the people to cross on.

As they cross, the Egyptian army, harden by God, follow them. God releases the waters and drowns all of them. This showed the Israelites that they could trust God and Moses.


The massacre of hundreds (if not thousands) of Egyptians who were under the control of an all powerful being. Ok.

The Israelites, STILL get scared and complain and bemoan their state despite seeing both and angel and a supernatural pillar or cloud accompanying them, and having just seem thousands , if not millions, of Egyptian deaths before they fled. How is this even credible? If this one aspect can be believed did God purposefully choose the one people on the planet who had the attention span of a goldfish?

Your God is killing whole countries for you and you still think Moses is screwing around?

Well, according to the end of this chapter, NOW they trust God and his servant, Moses.

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