Exodus 13

Exodus 13


More instructions regarding the Passover commemoration: unleavened breads, redeem firstborns with a sacrifice, remember that I brought you out of slavery.

As the Israelites left Egypt God led them a longer way, fearing that they would run from a challenge through Philistine country. Moses took the bones of Joseph, since he wanted to be buried in Canaan: Gen 49:29-32 . As they traveled, God led them as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.


God continues to remind them that he owns the firstborns. This seems like a big deal, either to God or the Israelites. I supposed it’s due to the firstborn being so highly prized.

What I find odd is that God thinks his own people, who have seen his direct actions first hand to kill and destroy an enemy, would run back to Egypt if faced with a fight in the next country they encounter. I would think that a people who had concrete proof that an all might god is guiding them would be confident that they could go anywhere and do anything without fear. Apparently not. Just odd.

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