Exodus 15

Exodus 15


The Israelites begin to sing a song about God’s victory over the Pharaoh and his chariots. They praise him and glorify his power, describing how he used the waters of the Red Sea to drown them. Miriam, a prophet and sister to Aaron, also sang a similar song.

Moses then led his people into the desert, who then promptly started to complain about not having water to drink. God and Moses solved this with some wood in some bitter water making it drinkable.

God then commands them all to follow his instructions and he will not led them become diseased like the Egyptians.


I suppose a little gloating is to be expected, but these people aren’t cool. They complain at the drop of a hat then start dancing and singing when their God saves their asses again.

I’m confused why Miriam is labeled as Aaron’s sister. Aaron is Moses’ brother, so wouldn’t she be his sister as well? And if this is a different Aaron, the text doesn’t indicate that and we are left to assume who it is.

Also, the lovely song that the people are singing mentions to other lands of peoples: Edom and Moab. Weren’t these they names of Moses ancestors from Genesis ( Gen 19 , Gen 36 ) just a few generation ago? Are these people already willing to kill their cousins for land?

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