Exodus 16

Exodus 16


After a couple of months the Israelites started complaining again. This time they didn’t have enough food. So God has Moses and Aaron that he will provide bread for them, and test them, of course. He appears as a cloud as Aaron tells the people the instructions that they are to gather just enough manna in the morning to feed them, not to keep any over night, except on the 6th day so they don’t have to gather on the day of rest.

People do this, but some people, of course, ignore the instructions and find the extra food rotten by morning.

They were also to keep some to show their descendants.

The Israelites ate this for 40 years until they came to Canaan.


It seem ridiculous how much these people complain, but what if they hadn’t? What if they had been faithful? Would they simple have accepted that they should starve and die since God hadn’t provided for them?

Did no one think to simple go up to Moses and tell him that food was running low. Did Moses not know this? Seems a stretch, so then why didn’t he take the initiative and intercede on his people’s behalf?

Of course, he does rightly rebuke the ones who ignore the instructions. Again, by this time these people should be fully aware that they are protected by a super powerful being that can: control minds, control oceans, magic food into existence, kill children in the night, take the form of fire, and create spontaneous diseases, to name a few.

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