• Why are you reading the Bible?

    As a piece of literature, it’s likely one of the most influential books in the western world. It’s astounding just how many idioms, cliches and phrases used in everyday life are derived from it. As a religious text, it is the most important text in the western world, as the vast majority of faiths revolve around, with varying levels of reverence to it. As a member of a society that puts a great deal of emphasis on it (too much in my estimation) it’s important to know what is actually contained within it.

  • Are you trying to de-convert or change people with this?

    Not directly, but if that happens because of this project, I would be very happy in that outcome.


  • What version of The Bible are you reading?

    I’ve chosen the “New International Version” (NIV), since it is widely believed to be the most read Bible in America, where I live. I may go on to read other versions, like the “King James Version” (KJV) in the future, but I should try to get through this one first.

  • Don’t you believe the Bible is the word of God?

    No. I believe it’s the word of many men (and maybe women) who lived during the Bronze Age and up into the 10th century CE who knew very little about how the world actually worked. I further believe that it’s a book that has been modified repeatedly over time, both accidentally and intentionally by other men (and maybe women).


  • What are you using on this website?

    The latest version of WordPress and a few plugins: wp-bible-gateway: Links automatically from verse references to biblegateway.com WP Ultimate CSV Importer: Helps setup the posts en-mass so that I can just worry about the content. Random Image Selector: help make it pretty. Flexible FAQ: this FAQ.

  • How are the posts formatted?

    Posts are my reviews on each chapter of the NIV Bible, in the order they appear. Each post is titled the same as the chapter, and the first link of each post is a link to the Bible Gateway.com NIV entry of the same chapter. Where appropriate, links in the reviews will be to either relevant, previous posts, or to specific chapter and verse at Bible Gateway.