Many atheists know (or claim to know) a lot about the bible, but how many have actually read it?  Well, the answer is: Quite a few, actually.

Speaking In Random: An Atheist Reads the Bible” is the blog project of Tom DuVally.  I  have read large portions of the bible, but never the whole thing.  This project is an attempt to correct that oversight and blog about it on the way, commenting what I read and what it means.

The Bible

I am reading the “New International Version” (NIV) of the Christian Bible, considered the most widely used Bible in America, ahead of the “King James Version”, which is used by Catholics.  It is divided into the “Old Testament  of 39 “books” and the “New Testament  of 27.  It does not contain any Apocrypha.  Please read more about the NIV at Wikipedia.