Genesis 14

Genesis 14

So it seems that in the land that Abram and Lot settle wasn’t very peaceful.  Some war of many kings broke out because some kings didn’t like being subject to another king. After a dozen years they’d had enough. This didn’t seem to involve Abram until King Kedorlaomer defeated the rebel kings of Sodom and Gomorrah and he took all that they had, which included the people living in the land of Sodom.  This was were Lot was.

Cue daring rescue by old man and his friends! Abram rescues not only Lot, but all the other people, which the King of Sodom wants back. In fact, the king ONLY wants the people (slaves?) and not the possessions, but Abram is a man who is proud of both himself and his god, so he doesn’t keep any. He only accepts a blessing from the king of Salam, who is a high priest himself.

One thing that struck me funny was the narrative suddenly refers to Abram as “Abram the Hebrew”. Why was this distinction suddenly necessary here? I can only guess that the real narrative wasn’t as clear or uniform as we are reading it. This particular story may have been pulled from some other source.


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