Genesis 36

Genesis 36

This chapter is all lineage, but from Esau.  Esau is also known as Edom, and his descendents are the Edomites. He settled in Seir, far from Jacob, since their household were too big.

This chapter lists the 3 wifes of Esau, the son’s they bore him (without bothering to mention the daughters, of course) and the which ones were chiefs.

Later in the chapter, it lists the kings in Edom (I guess named after Esau, aka Edom). It lists 8 succession of Edomite Kings, and some of their fighting. The problem I have with the listing of the kings, is that it doesn’t connect at all with Esau. The first king listed, along with his father’s name, are not mentioned in the lineage of Esau (Edom). Many of kings were listed as coming from other places to be kings after the preceding king died. It’s not clear if the other places were other Edomite clans or not.

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