Genesis 21

Genesis 21

God finally gets around to giving Sarah a son (see Gen 18).  Abraham named him Isaac and they were happy.  Ishmael makes fun of Isaac, and for that Sarah wants them gone. Not bad enough that she enslaves them and hates Hagar for doing what Sarah told her to do.  No.  She doesn’t think they should have anything of Abraham’s.

Well, God agrees. He tells Abraham to get rid of them, because it’s OK. God will do right by the kid for Abraham’s sake.

In the desert God lets Hagar know it will be fine and promises her that he will make him a great nation. He becomes an archer and finds a wife.

Didn’t God already promise that he will get persecuted? (Gen 16).  Sounds kinda sketchy to me. Abraham makes out OK by ditching the baby-momma drama, but kinda shitty they way he does it.

And then Abraham and Abimelek make a treaty over some sheep and a well at Beersheba.  There is some question about Abimelek’s integrity aver the well, but Abraham planted a tree and stayed in the land of the Philistines.

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