Genesis 19

Genesis 19

Now this is an action packed chapter! Sex, wrath of god, incest! Good stuff.

Angels visit Sodom.  Lot, who lives there sees them and insists them to stay with him. After an unleavened meal, they get ready to sleep when the entire damn city descend on his house and demand to fuck the strangers.  WHAT? Sodom is a party town, amirite?

Lot tries to keep the townsmen away.  His best attempt?  Offer his virgin daughters to the clearly raving mad crowd! He thinks he sending his own daughters out to be raped, possibly murdered, is the best course of action. What an ass!

The two angels finally decide to blind the crowd to save Lot and suggest to him that he take his family and leave, because God is going to destroy the city.  When Lot tries to convince his soon-to-be-sons-in-law, they think he’s a nut and ignore him.

The angels have to eventually force Lot and his family to run.  He gets them to allow him to run to a small nearby town, rather than the far away mountains. They agree and when he gets there they start to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.  Why Gomorrah? No idea, but they do. They (and God) kill every living thing and all the plants around it.

For the crime us just looking at what was happening, God turns Lot’s wife into a pillar of salt. Poof, you’re salt!

Lot left Zoar, the small town, because apparently God was destroying everything around. He finally made it to the mountains with his daughters.

At this point his daughters, realizing that they had no husbands, decided they should preserve the family by fucking dear old Dad. They got him drunk on 2 different nights and got pregnant by him. I guess Lot didn’t notice.  I assume he eventually figured it out when they gave birth.

Their sons were named Moab and Ben-Ammi, and were the origins of the Moabite and Ammonite peoples.


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