Genesis 8

Genesis 8

So after a good part of a year of ensuring that all the people of the earth are good and drowned God apparently remembers Noah and lets the waters recede.  The receding waters put the ark on Mount Ararat as they continue to recede.  It’s another 40 days before Noah sends out birds to find land.  The narrative is a bit confusing here.  It seems to be using different events to mark when the earth was dry.

Noah sent out a raven, and flew around until the “water had dried up” Gen 8:7 but then sent out a dove to figure out the same.  The raven isn’t mentioned again, but the dove is sent out 2 more times until it doesn’t return.  This is about 14 days.  Then it says that between the 1st day of the 1st month and the 27th day of the 2nd month is was completely dry.  This may not be contradictory, but it is confusing.

In the end, Noah sacrifices a few of the ONLY ANIMALS ON EARTH to God, who finds the aroma of burning flesh and only then promises to not kill us all again, despite how evil we are and deserve it (even from childhood).

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