Genesis 7

Genesis 7

Now that Noah has his marching orders. we get to re-read them a few more times.  We get it, Noah, sons, wives, animals, flood.

In this chapter the animal count is 7 of the clean and 2 of the unclean.  Again, we the reader have no clue which is which, but it seems to be enough that Noah does.  And all this when Noah was 600 years old!

This chapter is particularly hard to parse.  Lots of repetition or re-wording.  It seems say the same thing, but in enough of a different way as to seem confusing.  Maybe knowing the original language would be better, but just on the face of it the reading is almost opaque.  One of the problems is sequence.  When did it start raining and when did Noah and his sons (and wives) go into the ark?  After 7 days, after 40?  Did it start raining before they went into the ark, or did they sit in there for 7 days before the rain came?

Either way, they entered the ark and it rained for 40 days (after the 7, or 33 more?) and the ark floated and all the mountains were covered for a depth of more then 20 feet. Gen 7:20 That is an absolutely STAGGERING volume of water.  We should STILL be cleaning out basements from that kind of flood.  OH, well, God must have magicked it away.

So, from Gen 7:21-23 it brags about how much life God kills (excepting Noah and the floating super-zoo).

One hundred and fifty days.  That was the extend of God’s water massacre.  Hitler took years to kill millions, God did in a few months.

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