Genesis 43

Genesis 43

Again with the switching of the names!  They are referring to Jacob as Israel again for not good reason.

Israel didn’t send anyone back for Simeon, but they eventually ran out of food. Judah promised to take care of Benjamin and Israel told them to bring all sorts of gifts and even extra money for grain, since they got all their silver back the first time. Israel is sad.

Off they go. When they get to Egypt, Joseph has his steward take them to his house and set up a meal and treat them well, They are surprised and afraid of this, but eventually Joseph arrives and sees Benjamin. When the go to eat, we learn that Egyptians don’t eat with Hebrews, so Joseph eats by himself and serves his brothers from his table while the Egyptians eat by themselves. His brothers are amazed, since they don’t yet realize who Joseph is. Benjamin get more than anyone else.

What a trickster, that Joseph.

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