Genesis 28

Genesis 28

Here we have Isaac blessing Jacob again. I guess he’s not mad about being lied to. He wants Jacob to find non-Canaanite women to marry, specifically a first cousin on his mother’s side, which is genetically bad, but I guess they didn’t know that back then.

During Jacob’s journey he has a dream that God tells him all the awesomeness that he will bestow on Jacob. Essentially, lots of descendants and taking land. Jacob figures it’s the place he was sleeping and oils a rock. Then promises to give God and 10th of everything he gets.

So, God is perfectly happy with this liar and cheat being a father of his special people. He wants to bless this guy, who knowingly cheated his brother twice and lied to his father. I’m starting to see a pattern!

Esau hears about it Isaac’s second blessing and suddenly realizes that marrying Canaanite women is bad. Didn’t Isaac tell him before? I guess Esau has a learning disability. He goes off to find another cousin, but on his father’s side, Ishmael’s daughter (in addition to the Canaanite wives he had).

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