Genesis 25

Genesis 25

Abraham had other wives and concubines. They had children, but Isaac was Abraham’s favorites. He gave stuff to his other sons, but he sent them away from Isaac to live in the east. I assume to keep Isaac safe from them. Not very confident parenting.

Abraham dies, and Isaac and Ishmael (he’s back) bury him next to Sarah.

Ishmael had a bunch of sons, too. (No daughters, or are they just not important?) He lived to 137, and his sons became tribal rulers on their own settlements. Unfortunately his descendants did get along well with their neighbors.

Isaac had 2 sons with Rebekah, who was previously childless. Twins, who God said to her were already fighting in her womb as nations and the younger will be master over the older.

Esau was red, hairy and firstborn. Jacob was holding on to Esau as they came out. Esau was a hunter that Isaac loved and Jacob stayed home and was a momma’s boy.

The crux of this story seems to be at the end, where Jacob tricks Esau into selling him his birthright for a meal. Esau was either too stupid, or didn’t care. He was said to had “despised his birthright”. I guess he didn’t want to be the firstborn.

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