Genesis 24

Genesis 24

Now Abraham is getting pretty old, and he wants to be sure his son gets a good wife. So, he has one of his servants swear an oath that he will get a wife for Isaac from Abraham’s own clan, not from among the Canaanites, and that Isaac must not go back.  Abraham says God will send an angel to help. The servant swears and sets off.

The unnamed servant gets to Nahor, settles his camels near the well, and prays to God that whoever comes to give him water will be the wife. Rebekah comes out and offers him and his camels water. This is the sign the servant was waiting for and he gives her gold and asks to stay with her family. It turns out she’s Isaac’s cousin.

The family gets to hear the whole story all over again (the narrative is very redundant) and they are thrilled. They don’t ask her, of course, but send her off with this (impatient) guy they just met who gives them gold and clothes.

On the way back they meet Isaac out in a field. He gets the story, takes Rebekah to his mother’s tent and marries her on the spot.

I guess True Love doesn’t ask the girl what she wants.

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