Genesis 18

Genesis 18

3 men, somehow connected to the Lord, but not clearly, show up in front of Abraham and he rushes about to take care of them.  He orders Sarah to make some bread, he has a boy kill a calf, and got some other stuff.

One of the visitors mentions that Sarah will have a kid in the year.  She laughs at this, but then becomes afraid when the God asks her about it, so she lies to him.

Then the Lord and the men discuss Sodom and how horrible it is. Abraham starts bargaining with God about letting it survive if it has righteous people in it. God seems to be perfectly happy to wipe out innocent people just to get at the evil ones.  It takes Abraham to convince God to be a good guy here.

God finally settles on 10 good people as the maximum number of righteous people he would be willing to kill for all the bad people.  What a guy?

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